Mother Child

2013- Registration Form –  Mother Child Retreat
Camp Don Lee – Sept. 13th, 14th & 15th

2013 Theme:  “God is Calling Us to Pray”

Plan Ahead!! Come on down to Camp Don Lee for a great, fun-time weekend. This event provides a wonderful opportunity to bond & to spend quality time with your child (children). Registration begins at 4:00 pm Friday afternoon in the Fellowship Hall. NO FRIDAY DINNER MEAL IS PROVIDED. You are on your own!! Saturday Breakfast is served at 8:00 am.  Saturday registration will begin at 8:45 am.  Teacher’s introduction & instructions will begin at 9:15 am in the Fellowship Hall.    Workshops start at 9:45 am.   All registrations must be received by August 24, 2013.  Forms received after this date will be honored only if space is available. Directions and a tentative agenda are on the reverse side of the registration form.

2013 Mother Child Registration

8 Responses to Mother Child

  1. ldsmith says:

    I do not have the registration form.

    Please Melba McCallum at


  2. Sonya Burgess says:

    Hi I am Sonya Burgess from Faith Harbor United Methodist and I wanted to follow up and make sure that our registration forms were sent in and that we are all set for the Mother Child retreat that is next month.

    • ldsmith says:


      I am not the registrar for the event this year but I have forwarded your question to Melba McCallum and asked her to confirm receipt of your registration.



  3. Sonya Burgess says:

    Hi I am looking for the 2013 registration information and dates for the form to be sent in. It is not on your website, only the 2012 form is shown. My church send our group every year and we don’t want to miss it. Thank you for your time.

  4. Susan Charlton says:

    Where is you registration information for the 2013 Mother Child Retreat. My friend said her church Highland United Methodist in Raleigh, NC had already signed up together. She said if I hurried maybe I could be included with them as I did in the past. I did not go last year as my friend did not go and I do not know the other women well and I cannot remember names.


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