SEJ Meeting

10th  Southeastern Jurisdiction Quadrennial Meeting

SEJ UMW Meeting Logo

When:  June 1-2, 2012
Where:  Birmingham, AL
Scripture:  John 6:1-14
Bible Study Leader:  Retired Bishop Violet Fisher

What will happen at this meeting? The SEJ team and Women’s Division Directors will be elected.

Why should I attend this meeting?

  • Bible Study
  • Banquet-Speakers/Triumphant Quartet
  • Music – We want your voice for the choir
  • Meet new friends
  • Find out what other UMW units are doing
  • Exhibits and mission opportunities
  • Be informed about the proposed new structure of United Methodist Women

Can I bring my family? Yes,  make this a  family vacation.   Hotel rates will
be available prior  to and after this  meeting.

What’s the  registration fee?   $150 by  April 16,2012; $175  after April 16,
2012; Registration will be  provided online. Paper registration is available in PDF format below.

SEJ Quadrennial Meeting Registration Form

What time will  the meeting start? June  1, 2012 @  6pm and  will conclude
June 2@ 4pm.

4 Responses to SEJ Meeting

  1. Please tell me WHERE the SEJ QC is going to be held. Birmingham is a big city. Thanks. Marjorie

  2. Janie Nuttall says:

    Please send email me registration packet for June 1 – 2, 2012 SEJ Quadrennial Mtg. Thanks. Janie Nuttall

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